About Us

The Aphasia Association of Victoria Incorporated [Aphasia Victoria] is an advocacy group which aims to support people who have aphasia.

Aphasia Vic was established in 2016 and is a non-profit organisation.

We are proudly affiliated with The Stroke Association of Victoria.

Mission Statement

Aphasia Victoria provide a Victoria-wide source of information and represent the needs of the Aphasia community in Victoria.  We will be active in educating the public and governments of the extent of aphasia in the community and the essential support needs of those with aphasia.

Our Purposes

The Purposes of the Association, registered with the ACNC, are:

1. Support Victorians affected by Aphasia, their families and carers..
2. Provide information and advice on aphasia and living with aphasia.
3. Conduct seminars, presentations and activities to help and support people with aphasia.
4. Conduct community awareness activities about aphasia and its effects.
5. Liaise with State, National and International aphasia organisations.
6. Promote research into aphasia rehabilitation and amelioration.  



Konrad Ermert

Konrad is a tireless advocate and driver of Aphasia Victoria and helped establish the organisation with wife, Mimi.



Simon Oakley

Simon became a member of Aphasia Victoria in January 2020 and was elected Chair in November.



Mimi Ermert and Marcella Carragher

Please see Mimi’s [Treasurer] and Marcella’s [Deputy Treasurer] profiles below.

Professional Committee

Dr Marcella Carragher

Marcella is the Deputy Treasurer and a professional committee member. Completing completing a PhD at Manchester University, Marcella has also completed various research roles at La Trobe University, including working on two national trials.


Cassie Wilcox

Cassie is a speech pathologist currently working at La Trobe University on a number of research projects aiming to improve the lives of people with aphasia and their families. 


Lauren Fletcher

Lauren graduated from LaTrobe University with a Master of Speech Pathology. She has worked as a speech pathologist in rehabilitation hospitals and community therapy centres across Melbourne. She currently works at Epworth Rehabilitation in Richmond. 


Sam Harvey

Sam is a Speech Pathologist and PhD student within the Centre of Research Excellence in Aphasia Recovery and Rehabilitation at Latrobe University. Sam is studying the effect of dose of language therapy on recovery of language skills in people with aphasia.


Danielle Vidoni

Danielle has recently graduated from La Trobe University with a Masters of Speech Pathology. She has previously been involved in the Aphasia CRE as a research assistant and currently works in private practice, on the Mornington Peninsula.


Emmy Bull

Emmy graduated from LaTrobe University with a Master of Speech Pathology. Emmy’s career began at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where she worked across the acute, inpatient and community rehabilitation settings treating adults with acquired communication impairments, like aphasia. 

Committee Members

Mimi Ermert

After suffering a stroke with resulting Aphasia, Mimi is now committed to help other sufferers to improve their lives.


Philip Wilkins

Phillip has been Co-Chair of Aphasia Victoria since 2014 and is also on the board of Stroke Association Victoria. 


Catherine Rampant 

Catherine suffered a stroke when she was 30 resulting in Aphasia. She joined Aphasia Victoria in 2018.