About Us

Aphasia Victoria is an advocacy group which aims to support people who have aphasia.

Aphasia Vic was established in 2016 and is a non-profit organisation.

We are proudly affiliated with The Stroke Association of Victoria.

Aphasia Victoria Committee and friends

Mission Statement

Aphasia Vic aims to provide a Victoria-wide source of information and represent the needs of the Aphasia community in Victoria.  We will be active in educating the public and governments of the extent of aphasia in the community and the essential support needs of those with aphasia.

Our Goals

The aims of Aphasia Victoria are to:

  • Represent and act on behalf of people with aphasia and all those involved in their treatment, care and support.
  • Provide a Victorian point of contact for all groups involved with aphasia.
  •  Maintain a store of information on aphasia, its treatment and care.
  • Publicise activities of interest to the Victorian aphasia community.
  • Seek the support and funding of the public/government for the provision of support and educational services.

Co-Chairs - Robyn and Phillip


Robyn and Phillip

Secretary - Konrad



Co-Treasurers - Mimi and Marcella


Mimi and Marcella