Bio – Ashley Backovic

Ashley Backovic – Bachelor of Speech Pathology, Bachelor of Psychology

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Professional Committee Member

Private Practice Speech Pathology

Ashley Backovic is a professional committee member who supports people with aphasia through private practice speech pathology in hospitals and aged care facilities. Ashley believes that working with people with aphasia is such a rewarding and important area of Speech Pathology.

“I meet so many amazing people through my job and Aphasia Victoria. I love supporting and advocating for people with aphasia and their families.”

Ashley has future aspirations to conduct research in aphasia.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from the Australian Catholic University.

Ashley enjoys spending weekends with her giant apricot coloured Groodle (Mali) and husband. They are big foodies and are often visiting café’s and restaurants (Mali comes when he’s allowed), accompanied with a nice glass of wine.

Ashley believes that working with people with aphasia is the most rewarding areas of Speech Pathology. Ashley believes that what may seem like a small improvement in someone’s language, for someone with aphasia, it can change the way they interact with the world.

“It’s being able to pronounce their spouses name for the first time since they had their stroke or say ‘I love you’ and seeing the joy on their significant others face. Those little moments, make this the best profession!”