Cassie Wilcox

Professional Committee Member, Aphasia Victoria

Cassie is a speech pathologist currently working at La Trobe University on a number of research projects aiming to improve the lives of people with aphasia and their families. 

Her speech pathology interests lie in the quality of life for people with aphasia and communication partner training as a means of enhancing  and increasing meaningful post-stroke interactions. 

She is passionate about increasing public awareness of aphasia and empowering people with aphasia to communicate with those around them so that they do not feel isolated. 

Cassie believes that public education on aphasia and how best to communicate with someone who has aphasia can be so powerful and may be the difference between someone being included or being left out. Feeling included is important for everyone and can greatly improve someone’s quality of life.

“I love being part of Aphasia Victoria as it has allowed me to connect with a group of like-minded people and it provides an opportunity for me to build relationships with, and support, a number of people in the aphasia community.”