The Stroke A Chord (SAC) choir needs new singers, a musician and a new music leader

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Feb 21
Location: Ringwood, Melbourne
The (SAC) choir is a collection of people who have had strokes on the left side of the brain and have loss of speech and language as a result…BUT… they are still able to sing.
It was founded 10 years ago by Wendy Lyons, a stroke survivor herself, who realised that when people with aphasia sing, many of them can actually find their voice, even if they can’t talk! It has provided wonderful benefits of companionship and joy for its members over this long period and it would be such a shame if it were not able to continue! (In their bid to try and expand the membership, the committee has recently decided to allow anyone who has had a stroke to join, not just folk with aphasia). We have had excellent choir leaders over the past 10 years, but they have moved on to other activities and the choir is now leaderless.

WHERE: Light Community Church Hall, 44 Dublin Road, Ringwood East, Melbourne
WHEN: Every second Tuesday from 12.45 until 3pm
COST: A small annual fee to cover ongoing expenses
CONTACT: Wendy Lyons, Choir founder, 0412 113 090
WEB: or

The group sings for an hour, using an overhead projector with the words on the wall, enjoys companionship and afternoon tea and then have another sing ending at 3pm
So, the choir is needing three things to move forward:
* more members are needed, as our numbers are down to eleven at the moment! Do you know of anyone who has had stroke who might be looking for more joy and companionship? Please pass this invitation on to them.
* (there is one guitarist & a choir member who accompanies the rhythms on the tjembe
* If there were any musicians available to give their time for two hours a fortnight, that would be greatly appreciated as well. This may be of interest to a student?

Most importantly, the choir needs a musical leader-
* to lead the warm ups and singing
* introduce new material to the large range of songs that are already in the repertoire.

Please help us to share this forward to anyone who might be able to assist this important world leading choir to survive!

If you can help us or need more information please contact:
Wendy Lyons 0412 113 090
Barry Cole 0401 744 0029