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UK Stroke Association: Getting Online for People With Aphasia

The UK Stroke Association has made a guide to help people with aphasia get online and use technology successfully.

You can view and download the guide here:

Aphasia Community Groups

Go to this list of Aphasia Community Groups [ listed by State ] for support groups in your State that have been confirmed as running as of October 2018.

Most community health services have an adult Speech Pathologist who can provide therapy and strategies at a low cost. To find your nearest community health service, ask your GP or Google “community health service+your council region”.

Aphasia Therapy Online

Aphasia Therapy Online is free online aphasia therapy, created by a Melbourne Speech Pathologist.

Easy to use, excellent features, more than 580 target words.

Aphasia Simulations

The Aphasia Simulations website provides short interactive activities for family and friends to gain some understanding of what it might be like to have aphasia.

Go to Aphasia Simulations or paste into your browser address line.

The Stroke Foundation

The Stroke Foundation provides post-stroke resources for Speech and Language. Visit their “enable me” resource page.

Talkback Association

The Talkback Association for Aphasia Inc is based in South Australia

Aphasia International

The Association Internationale Aphasie (AIA) website informs people in all countries around the world about aphasia, the consequences of having aphasia, and possible ways to learn how to cope with this language handicap.

AIA has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.