Have you heard the word Aphasia?

We asked young people is they knew what aphasia was.

Kerry: What is Aphasia?

Kerry has aphasia. In this video, he explains what it is and what it means for everyday life.

Kym: This is what aphasia is for me.

There are different types of aphasia. Kym tells us about the experience of not being able to find the word you want to say. He has found it useful to practice. He now gets his coffee order right every time.

Kym: Accessing welfare support.

For Kym, having a stroke and aphasia meant he could not return to work. He describes his experience of applying for a disability pension in Australia.

Kerry: My hobbies and interests.

Kerry had a stroke a number of years ago and now he has a communication difficulty called ‘aphasia’. Most people have never heard the word ‘aphasia’ but it’s really common. Using an iPad, Kerry tell us about his hobbies and interests. Having difficulty finding your words can mean it is hard to make jokes – but Kerry manages to find a way!